The Lighthouse

A laboratory for actors and musicians.
Lead by Sandra Pasini, actor at Teatret OM. 

Practice, the daily work of the actor. The self discipline serves to build up a solid base which supports and protects our dreams and visions. 

Just like the glimpses of light from the lighthouse, that makes navigation on the sea possible. 

During the workshop we focus our effort on the energies in our bodies and voices. 

At the end of the workshop we create a short montage, a dramatic exercise inspired by the workshop. 

We work with the following elements during the workshop:

Physical training: realization of different qualities of energy through diverse forms of exercise. 
 - Vocal training: resonators, rhythm of the voice and its energy. 
 - Physical acts - composition. 
 - Voice and song rhythm and collective compositions. 
 - Musical improvisation. 
 - Dance.


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