Tomhedens tilstedeværelse

When the wind of change is blowing, some build walls, others build windmills

                                                                                                                                  - Chinese proverb

Workshop, Multicidade Festival, November 2018 in Brasil

Research of a creative language that reflects the times we live in.
Facilitated by Sandra Pasini and Antonella Diana.

Body, voice, space and sensitivity.

Physical and vocal training, exploration of space and objects. The aim is to create sensitivity and communication within the group, a sense of a common breath and dynamic creativity.

Based on the working methods of Teatret OM, we shall explore interaction of the performer and the visual arts: awareness of space and action through a dynamic use of body, movement, sound and objects.


About the facilitators:

Sandra Pasini
Artistic leader of Teatret OM, director, actress, clown and musician

Antonella Diana
Scenographer and visual artist, leader of Scenografic Lab at Teatret OM



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