The Heart of the Ocean


Once upon a time... before time began...there was a seed, a pelican and a girl... They embark on a magical journey to find the very first golden seed of life, called: “The Heart of the Ocean”Meeting creatures of the forest, making friends with flowers, insects and animals, this performance is a tale of friendship, loss, courage and a tribute to the forces of nature and the imagination.  Be invited to feel the magic of the jungle in Costa Rica, in a visually playful space, filled with song, dance and physical storytelling.

How it began

The creation of this performance started in Costa Rica, where Jori Snell (Baba Yaga Theatre) lived and worked for a while. Life in Costa Rica has a different pulse and rhythm; here, nature decides. The performance is inspired by this very nature, its lushness and biodiversity. Here you find plants and flowers in all colors, ancient trees, insects and animals everywhere. A symphony of constantly changing sounds, smells and weather. 

The Heart of the Ocean came from a wish to bring theatre out to schools and institutions in remote places in Costa Rica, so that children, whose families may not have funds or easy access to experience theatre, can see the performance.

The first version of the performance was played in Costa Rica.

In cooperation with Teatret OM (regional theatre in Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune, Denmark),Baba Yaga Theatre has developed and reworked the performance further. The production is thus now available for young audiences from all over the world.


Suitable for children aged 3-7 and families

Duration of the show: 45min

Can be performed in English, Danish, Dutch and Spanish

After the performance a workshop on nature, play and creative use of the imagination is available on request. 





The Heart of the Ocean will be playing on KLAP-festival: 

Saturday the 20th of April at 10.00 and 12.00. 

>> Book your tickets here! 





Conceptualized, created and performed by:Jori Snell

Artistic consultant: Sandra Pasini

Costumes and scenography: Jori Snell

Scenographic consultant: Antonella Diana

Scenographic lighting: Maximiliano Bini

Lyrics, songs and story: Jori Snell

Setbuilder: Frederik Gravgaard

Music compiled from fragments by: Stephan Micus,Voices of the Rainforest, Peter Broderick, Aphex Twin, Brendon Bussy, Zorn, Bruno Coulais, Metropolitan Klezmer and L’Orchestra Di Piazza Vittorio

Program layout: Janni Toftrup


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