Walk the Clothesline

Three women fantasize back to past times and turn laundry into an adventurous cabaret:

A clothesline is stretched out and laundry in many colors and sizes is hung up. The clothes come alive and turn into figures and objects: A tablecloth becomes a table, a shirt is pulled over an arm and is suddenly a man, a scarf is wrapped around a hand and becomes a child.

Music and dance from the women’s youth leads the audience "down memory lane" with screaming Elvis fans, synchronized swimming and rock'n roll. The music has its roots in the 50s, 60s and 70s; and is partly recorded songs, partly live music played and sung by the actresses.

The performance has been developed during the COVID-19 period, and since August 2020 it has been played in nursing homes, activity centers for elderly people, in community centers, theatres and in urban spaces.



Idea, concept and direction: Sandra Pasini
Tippe Molsted, Sandra Pasini and Annemarie Waagepetersen
Devised by the artistic team
Scenography and costumes: Antonella Diana
Assistant Director: Jori Snell
Musical Consultant: Håkon Berre
Workshop: Antonella Diana and Frederik Gravgaard
Sewing: Lisbeth Forbæk
Technician: Maximiliano Bini

Duration: 35 minutes

Photographer: Bjørn Ellermand and Teatret OM


Production: Teatret OM


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