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The core of Teatret OM entails three powerful artists: Sandra Pasini and Antonella Diana, who founded the theatre in 1989 in Italy, along with Annemarie Waagepetersen, who joined in 2001, when the theatre had moved to Denmark.


Sandra Pasini is the artistic leader of Teatret OM as well as a director, actress and musician.
See Sandra’s cv here.
Sandra has written a number of articles on her work. More here.
E-mail: / ph: +45 2011 0387


Antonella Diana is a scenographer, visual artist and head of Scenographic Lab at Teatret OM.
See Antonella’s cv here.
E-mail: / ph: +45 5124 4467


Annemarie Waagepetersen is an actress, musician and project coordinator at Teatret OM.
See Annemarie’s cv here.
E-mail: / ph: +45 5124 5778


Our artistic work at Teatret OM is aimed at exploring the relationship between the dramaturgic work of the actor and the visual arts.


We are interested in investigating how space, colours and objects engage with the work of the actor, so that they become not only the aesthetic expression of the performance, but also a space opening up to the performance as its actual place of belonging.


In the creative process, the actor’s material is developed parallel to and in correlation with the scenic space. The actor is the mainstay of the performance, therefore as a theatre it is  our foremost task to develop the actor’s tools through physical and vocal exercise. We thereby create and preserve our artistic line and identity, which forms our base when we explore new creative processes and engage in collaborations with different directors.


A performance is born out of questions – of the necessity to search for identity in the times we live in as artists and as human beings. The performance is born of the desire to communicate this necessity through a story of physical actions, songs, words, images and music.


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