Song of the Whale

Song of the Whale 


Song of the Whale is a very subtle and curious journey into the belly of a big humpback whale and a story about friendship, whales, whalesong - the meeting with a girl, Pinocchio... and plastic waste.
The performance tributes friendship as a treasure we need to protect, and at the same time it is a story about humans unthoughtfulness which makes life dangerous for animals of the ocean.

The performance takes place inside the belly of a big whale and gives a sensuous experience of the subaqueous universe through theater, music, song, shadowplay and the many sounds of the ocean.


Direction and dramaturgy: Sandra Pasini
Assistant director: Jori Snell
Scenography and costumes: Antonella Diana
Actress: Annemarie Waagepetersen
Recycled instruments and technician: Freddy Giorgi

Age: 6-9 years
Duration: 30 min.
No. of audience: 30



'Audience caught in the belly of the whale'...
...'Song of the Whale' is in fact a kind of reminder to the people and the environmental mess our plastic waste leaves in the oceans - all served in an artful and curious way at childrens level.
Jonas Vester - Dagbladet Ringkøbing-Skjern


'Pinocchio in a environmentally critical mood' ****
...'Beautiful, Straight forward and sweet – and that's how the entire performance is – merry and easy going in its base – and also filled with attitude. ...distinguishes itself by leaving a clear and emotive memory of the warmth of friendship, the healing and good at unity power and the bad by just throwing plastic packaging away.'
Kirsten Dahl -


Read the full review (in Danish): Dagbladet Ringkøbing-Skjern
Read the full review (in Danish):


Other reviews:

'A huge pleasure for the little ones which I recommend families with children to embark on.'
              Review from Børn i byen

'A story where morality is as clear as the water of »Den Blå Planet«, but that does not seem heavy or accusatory.'
              Review from Iværksæ

'I could wish that all Earth's children and adults would get the chance to see and learn from this fine performance!'
              Review from Silkeborg Dukketeaterfestival - Festival of Wonder



'...During the entire performance both children and grownups are very quiet and absorbed by what is happening. It is (the performance ed.) sensory and sonically a great experience. ...The sounds underpins all the time and there are so many changes and beautiful scenarios through the entire play. We as an audience become aware of how much waste thereis in the world and it makes us reflect on taking better care of our land.
an unbelievably wonderful experience that gives kids something very sensuous and this in a world that often goes very fast.
...I am so happy, both as a teacher and as a privateperson, that I could bring my class to this performance.
             Helle Nørgård - Forældreskolen


For schools:
The performance is ideal as part of a theme week, and it is possible to purchase workshops from Teatret OM in addition to the performance. These workshops will be held in the schools where children among other things can learn how plastic and other items of garbage can be made to f.ex. musical instruments.
Teatret OM has prepared a catalog of ideas that can be used in conjunction with the performance Song of the Whale for subsequent work at the schools. Here we provide suggestions for how schools can work with different subjects as for example. in relation to a topic / theme week.



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