Vision og mission


Teatret OM rests in and develops its artistic mission. With its art, the theater challenges all human senses and exploits new digital opportunities.

Teatret OM is the artistic epicentre of the Kingdom of Nature. Teatret OM takes advantage of the opportunities related to buildings and landscape of the area.

Teatret OM is the midpoint of a cultural mecca, from where the theater also has its daily activities. Teatret OM is consequently a part of a cultural entrepreneurship, which creates jobs and which has had an impact on the reputation of West Jutland.  



Teatret OM develops its artistic expressions through sensory art.

Through its art, Teatret OM conveys the currents of society and of everyday life.

Teatret OM rests in the roots of West Jutland and connects artistic vision and network to the world with the energy of the Kingdom of Nature.

Board and management of Teatret OM / September 2018


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