In November 2007 the Teatret OM moved in to its locality at Buen 15 in Ringkøbing and in February 2008 the theatre had its official opening.

The physical setting contains a theatre space, a foyer and a workshop.
The theatre space is 13 m broad, 19 m long and 4 m high at the highest point (3 m near the walls).
A drawing of the space can be seen here.

Teatret OM uses the theatre space for the actor's daily practice, work related to the performances and theatre performances. Furthermore the theatre space is used by professional guest performers, and by the local  theatre groups and amateur performances. 
The theatre space also accommodates a variety of workshops and other theatre related arrangements.
Additionally the theatre consists of an administrative building with offices, meeting room, kitchen, shower and one guest room. 

If you wish to use the theatre space for your own performance, call us and we will tell you more about the conditions for the use of the theatre space.


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