Letter to a spectator

Brasil, November 2018



Sandra Pasini sings and tellls about the encounter with her voice, and about the influence that this invisible art has had on her life.

The concert consists of three parts:

  • In the first part Sandra presents songs from the two first productions of Teatret OM: A sword for your hand (1990) and Color your heart (1993).

  • The second part presents Italian folk songs that have been part of the theatre's performances since 1996.

  • The third part presents songs from the performance I Maltagliati (2011). Folksongs and songs with texts by Beatrice Bugelli (an analphabetic poet from the 18th century), Giacometti Leopardi, Nazim Hikmet, Sandra Pasini and the Song of Songs, all with music composed by Sandra Pasini.





Photo 2-7: Sinaí Solís


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