Lighthouses - stories from the sea


Lily turns 90, and a party has been arranged for her. But something happens, because Lily also has a story to tell.

Lighthouses - Stories from the Sea unfolds stories about journeys across the sea, about borders, open landscapes and meeting with the strangers. About welcome and extensive hospitality, but also about predation on human misfortune.

The performance is site specific theater by the sea. A walk from act to act, where dunes, the beach and the unpredictability of the weather become part of the experience.


 The performance is not recommended for wheel chair users or people with walking disability.


Teaser (in Danish)






Sandra Pasini
Assistant director:
Miguel Angel Utreras Imilmaqui
Tippe Molsted, Sandra Pasini, Jori Snell and Annemarie Waagepetersen
Musician: Håkon Berre 
Scenography and costumes: Antonella Diana
Assistant scenographer: Sara Ballestri 
Puppets: Jori Snell
Antonella Diana and the team

Texts: Extract from historical descriptions of strandings, Tippe Molsted, Annemarie Waagepetersen and the team
Music: Folk songs and music from Denmark, Italy, USA, Serbia, Ghana, The Netherlands, Ireland and Norway  
Video installations: Antonella Diana and Christine Hvidt 
Music and drumming consultant: Håkon Berre 
Sound installation in the lighthouse: Lars Greve 
Workshop: Frederik Gravgaard, Antonella Diana and Sara Ballestri


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