Like a Lily

Like a Lily

Two dream weavers are about to finish a tapestry while waiting for the birth of a new life. During the weaving, they sing of life’s hardships, its joys and sorrows. And from this, a sound universe emerges – a flying carpet of songs. When the last thread of the tapestry will be severed, a new life will be among us.

Like a Lily is a unique blend of two different cultures. A space where songs, colors, actions, dance, and storytelling create a living experience. Indian spiritual songs intertwine with Italian folk songs and ballads, blending and weaving traditions. 

The choice of songs for this concert performance is inspired by Nava Rasa (Nine Emotions) from the Indian tradition. 

Like a Lily is performed in English, Sanskrit, Bengali and Italian.


…I would like to be a Lily

If we could understand the present time,

We would learn from the very moment

To live like a Lily…

-Etty Hillesum


Iben Nagel Rasmussen, an actor at Odin Teatret from 1966 to 2023, director of the international pedagogical projectThe Bridge of Winds since 1989.


Parvathy Baul is a singer, storyteller, painter, director, and spiritual leader within Baul tradition—founder of Ekathara Kalari 1997 and Sanatan Siddhashram 2017. Read more: 


Sandra Pasini, director, actor, musician, and artistic director of Teatret OM. Since 1993, Sandra has been a member of the theatre network "The Bridge of Winds", led by Iben Nagel Rasmussen.


By an old carpet

The threads are singing. The past is with you wherever you go.

Life has woven its pattern of days and years.


Human hands have created it from dream and desire.

Weighed down with dust, it has risen to meet you here.


Dream spins thread for the future. Nothing is lost.

Fraternally it reaches you, everything that was lived and created.


Deep is the hour of bleeding. But the moment of birth

laughs through pain and complains with a smile on the face.


Nothing is new. Everything is new when you encounter it freely.

Safely embrace it. Everything you embrace is yours.


Everything searches for its pattern. In the song of the threads

sleeps a rhythm that rises to wholeness one day.


Beauty and ugliness bleed. In trend and in line

tones the eternal theme of happiness and crying.

- Halfdan Rasmussen





Duration 55 min



Direction: Iben Nagel Rasmussen

Cast: Parvathy Baul (IN), Sandra Pasini (DK/IT)

Songs from the Baul tradition of India, songs from the Italian folk tradition and songs composed for the performance by Sandra Pasini

Text: Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Sandra Pasini, Parvathy Baul, Amaranto Osorio.

Music consultant: Roberto Diana

Consultant for dramaturgy: Francesca Romana Rietti

Woven rug: Alok Som

Costume Embroidery: Bandana Lohar

Costumes: Antonella Diana

Props: Antonella Diana, Frederik Gravgaard


Co-production: Teatret OM , Ekathara Kalari



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